FillCD 1.0 for Windows

Download it here. This file includes the DLLs required to run FillCD in Windows; just put them into your Windows\System directory (or WinNT\System32 for NT/2000). Oh, and here's the DOS version.
Click here if you just need the DLLs.


25 May 2001
Woo! This page is now available at If you're not there now, check it out. It'll have the most updated news and version information. Perhaps a week was a bit optimistic for the 2.0 beta, but we shall see how the extended weekend treats the situation. It won't be much longer, though. Get ready...

20 May 2001
To quote Jon Lovitz's character in The Wedding Singer, "He's losing his mind... and I'm reaping all the benefits!" Well, that'd be me, and you, respectively. The calculation logic is done, most of the interface is done, and I think you'll at least see a public beta by the end of the week. Oh, and another cool thing, before long FillCD will be available from Don't go there yet, as it's not actually pointing to anything for the moment... but soon. I think the one or two of you that actually visit this page will like the new version. Lots of nice features, and a nice little surprise I'll save for later. peace out y0

14 May 2001
Make that 85% done! Coding binges rule! Now on to some updates to the logic, and a little more interface stuff, and it's on!

13 May 2001
Holy balls, that was 3 months ago. Anyhow, progress continues on version 2.0, if there are any of you that still care. As my bud would say, it's gonna be tiiiiiiiight. Interface is probably about 75% done, and since most of the logic is the same as before, that part won't be too bad. Thanks to the two of you that have sent me email, w00p!

14 Feb 2001
Having a news section is fun, isn't it? Well, this is to let everyone know that FillCD 2.0 is under development. It'll be nice, lots of new features and fixes to keep everyone happy. Keep checking back for more updates.

What is FillCD?

FillCD is a program designed to make the most of space on removable media, especially write-once media. You can select a number of directories you wish to write to the media, then FillCD analyzes the space requirements of the directories and shows you a combination which will minimize the unused space on the media. This saves time and, ultimately, money, compared to guessing which directories will fill the media best.

How Do I Install It?

Simply unzip the archive to a directory of your choice. If you get "DLL missing" errors, you will also need to unzip into your Windows\System (or Windows\system32 for WinNT or Win2000) directory. Then just run fillcd.exe to get started.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

You might care to know that this program is uncrippled, non-expiring, nag-free shareware. If you'd like to send a donation, feel free to send any amount (yes, loose change is cool) to:

Tim Russell
2612 S. Seymour Pl.
West Allis, WI  53227

To date I have received a grand total of $0.00! WOOHOO!!!!!! :)

Got any questions, suggestions, etc? This FAQ will likely be useless, so email Yes, I actually respond to email. I have nothing better to do, remember? (Hence this program)...